Day trip: Cotopaxi National Park & ​​Hacienda Cienega

Tour/Activity in Latacunga, Ecuador

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Hike in the Cotopaxi National Park & ​​visit the Hacienda Cienega

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Cotopaxi National Park and Hacienda Cienega

Early in the morning you drive 80 km south to the Cotopaxi National Park, the highest active volcano in the world which has awakened since August 2015 and haunted regularly ash into the air. You go up to the hut and you can take a beautiful walk with views of the volcano, on a clear day,it is a terrific experience. At lunchtime, you drive to Hacienda Cienega which already impressed Alexander von Humboldt. Soups are the specialty here. The Hacienda is now a hotel and one breathes there historical events. The garden is well worth seeing. In the afternoon you return to Quito.

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