Antisanilla Reserve

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

The best birdwatching close to Quito guided by an expert bilingual birding guide by Jocotoco Foundation.

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Antisana Reserve

Leave Quito early, eastward bound toward the Antisana Volcano.

On clear days the views of the Antisana glaciers are dazzling. After arriving at the reserve, we will walk through dry páramo in search of the Andean Condor, the black-faced ibis and the Ecuadorian hillstar. A nearby lake is home to a variety of waterfowl, including the silver Grebe. With a little luck, we might even get to see spectacled bears here.

Your tour will conclude with lunch at the Tambo Condor lodge. From there you can return to Quito by chartered or self-organized transport. We suggest combining this trip with a visit to a traditional village called Pintag. A local guide will show you around the community.

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