Puno to Cusco aboard the Spirit of the Andes

Tour from Lake Titicaca - Puno to Cusco, Peru

About this activity

Travel by train aboard the "Spirit of the Andes" from Puno at Lake Titicaca to Cusco

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Day 1

Along the Andeans from Puno at Lake Titicaca to Cusco

Transfer to the train station. Your journey begins at 11 am towards Cusipata. After your lunch aboard the Explorer you will be able to take a bar and cooking class, before you arrive at la Raya. You will arrive at la Raya in the afternoon and will be able to enjoy some cocktails and snacks. The journey continues and after your dinner you will arrive in Cusipata. You will stay here over night.

Day 2

Arrival in Cusco

After an early breakfast your journey continues to Cusco. You will arrive in Cusco at approximately at 7.30 am

Day Trips & Excursions
Gastronomy & Nightlife