Peruvian Andes: Colca Canyon to Puno

Tour from Arequipa, Peru to Lake Titicaca - Puno, Peru

About this activity

Wandern Sie im Colca-Canyon und erleben Sie die Könige der Lüfte - die Kondore.

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Day 1

Journey to Colca Canyon

Get an early morning start on your five hour drive to the Colca Canyon. On the way, you may be lucky enough to spot some Vicuña, the rarest South American camel species. Discover the special features of the Colca Canyon at many shorter stops, enjoy the incomparable views of the valley and visit various villages typical of this region. You will be served a cup of coca tea, said to help you acclimtise to the altitude (highest point 4,850m). This is a traditional Peruvian drink, to which many health promoting properties are attributed. In the afternoon your guide will invite you for a short hike, after which you will be taken to your hotel.

Overnight at Hotel Mamayacchi.

Day 2

Condor's Cross and Thermal Springs

Rise early to see the king of the Andes, the condor. In favorable weather conditions, the condors often rise only a few meters above the canyon to go hunting. Afterwards, take a short hike along the edge of the canyon and continue to the Antahuilque Lookout, from where you have a very good view of more than 1,500 year old pre-incan terraces. After returning to the village of Chivay, where you have time for lunch, return to your hotel for a quick rest.

In the afternoon you will visit the natural thermal baths situated between the picturesque mountains.

Overnight at Hotel Mamayacchi.

Day 3

Drive to Puno and Lake Tititcaca

After breakfast, set off for Puno, where you will arrive in the early afternoon. On the way, you can watch the landscape change gradually; from the leafy terraces of the Colca Canyon to the sparse landscape of the Altiplano, which are mainly characterized by low grass growth. Along the way you will also visit the tombs of Sillustani called Chullpas. They come from the pre-Inca and Inca times and are located on a peninsula on the shores of Umayo Lake. The rest of the day is at leisure.