Gastronomic Experience in Lima (Market and Cooking)

Tour/Activity in Lima, Peru

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Learn about the local produce and how to use them in traditional Peruvian cuisine

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Local Market and Cooking Course

It is no coincidence that Peru has been awarded the title of "South America's Leading Culinary Destination" for six consecutive years as part of the World Travel Awards. The country with the best cuisine in South America has made a name for itself as a foodie paradise with numerous star chefs in recent years. How Peru's cuisine took such an outstanding position becomes clear quickly. Throughout its history, the country brings influences from four continents onto its plate. In addition, Peru boasts an incomparable variety of products. Everything that the cook's heart desires grow here.

This tour will allow you to enjoy and taste delicious Peruvian dishes made with native products.

The tour beings with a visit to a local market where you will discover Peru's marvelous local produce with your private guide. Most of them grow only in this part of the globe which makes the local gastronomy so peculiar.

Then the tour continues to a well-known restaurant where the chef himself will show you how to make ceviche and introduces you to other dishes which uses seafood. You will taste the emblematic Peruvian cocktail “Pisco sour”, a “Causa” made with mashed potatoes and Peruvian tuna and/or crab. You will also get to taste the “Lomo Saltado”, a typical Peruvian dish made with beef and sauteed onions/tomatoes, and for drinks, you get to quench your thirst with the typical Chicha Morada or the famous Inca Kola soda.

This activity is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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