Hands-on tour: the craftsmen of Peru

Tour/Activity in Cusco, Peru

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Learn how to do traditional crafts with your own hands

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Craftsmen of Peru

This tour will take you through some of the most traditional crafts in Peru including gastronomic local recipes like empanadas or grilled guinea pig or "chicha de jora" (a fermented corn drink), pottery, chocolate making from cacao fruits. As the Inca people used to do and many indigenous people still do, at the end of the day you will use what you made to present an offering to Mother Earth.

This stroll will take you to the towns of Pisaq, Lamay and Chichubamba village in Urubamba. In each of these Andean villages, you will learn a craft from locals. In the last village, you will enjoy a traditional lunch in the house at a local family┬┤s house.

Offering to Mother Earth in Piuray Lagoon

The Pachamama or Mother Earth is very important in the indigenous cosmovision. As a goddess of the Incas, she was considered the mother who fed her children, the humans. Therefore offerings were and are still given to her to thank her or ask for a good harvest, rain, and abundance. On your way back to Cusco you will stop in the Lagoon of Piuray where you will make an offering to the Pachamama to thank for the knowledge shared by your fellow friends.

Return to your hotel

Your guide will then drive you back to your hotel in Cusco.

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