A Spectacled bear excursion at Hacienda Pimán

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

Discover the dreamy Andean landscapes, indigenous markets and spot the spectacled bear

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Day 1

Travel from Quito to Hacienda Piman

Depart early in the morning to travel to Hacienda Piman.

A visit to Zone 0 Quitsato, Rose show and the Otavalo market

You will leave Quito at 8:00 am and head north through the scenic and winding Andes roads towards the fertile province of Imbabura. On the way, you will stop at the Quitsato monument, built right on the equator, also known as Zone 0, where you can stand with one foot in the northern and one foot in the southern hemisphere. Then you will stop at the Rose Showroom for a flour mill tour and lunch. After lunch, you will visit the famous Otavalo Poncho Market - home to the most colorful Ecuadorian handicraft and the largest indigenous markets in South America.

You will arrive at Hacienda Piman at around 5 pm.

Day 2

Andean Spectacled Bear and visit the Arrayan Forestest

You will leave Hacienda Piman early at 6:00 am (snack provided on the way) to take a closer look and experience the indigenous Ecuadorian culture and its rural landscapes. The first stop is the “Balcon del Oso Andino” where you can observe Spectacled Andean Bears in their natural habitat while you enjoy your breakfast. Afterward, you will visit Shanshipamba, which was once an important stop along the Amazon trading route, to observe ancient petroglyphs. Ancient petroglyphs are symbolic designs engraved into rocks which showcases the connection between the Andean and Amazonian culture. After this historical walk, enjoy a delicious lunch in a local restaurant on the way to the Arrayanes Forest, which offers an immense variety of landscapes, color and the natural beauty of a thousand years. Return to Hacienda Piman for dinner.

Day 3

Return to Quito

You will begin your journey back to Quito after lunch, and you will arrive at around 6 pm.

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