Lima's Gastronomic Bike Tour

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Appetizer: Peruvian Ceviche tasting

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel to guide you through this exciting gastronomic adventure. The pickup time will be according to your booking at one of the following schedules:

Monday to Saturday: 9h30 or 14h00 Sunday: 11h00 or 14h00

It's no coincidence that Peru has been awarded the title of "South America's Leading Culinary Destination" for six consecutive years as part of the World Travel Awards. The country with the best cuisine in South America has made a name for itself as a foodie paradise, being home to numerous star chefs in recent years. How Peru's cuisine took such an outstanding position is rather clear. Throughout its history, the country brings influences from four continents onto its plate. In addition, Peru boasts an incomparable variety of produce. Everything that the cook's heart desires grow here.

This tour will allow you to enjoy and taste delicious Peruvian dishes in the best "Huariques", frequented by locals.

The tour by bike begins in Miraflores and the stroll takes you from one "Huarique" to another. Your first stop is the delicious Cebicheria "La Barra", where you can taste the famous Peruvian Cebiche.

Main dish: so many options to choose from!

If you enjoy the tasting and uncovering different dishes and flavors from local gastronomy in picturesque and unique settings, this tour is for you! After the appetizer, you will continue through “Malecón” where you enjoy the spectacular views of the Bay of Lima, while you head to the next "Huarique". Here you will try some of the main dishes from Peru like "causa Peruana", "Ají de Gallina", "Lomo Saltado", among other specialties.

Dessert time!

Save some space for the dessert! You will need it as you can choose between homemade ice cream or some "Picarones" (made with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, clove, and cinnamon) in restaurant "Javier" located in the beautiful Barranco district.

Beer tasting

As usual, the best is saved for the last! You will embark on craft beer tasting where you can try different kinds of local beers. The guide will drop you off at Miraflores district at the end of the tour.

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