Salinas Lagoon Day Tour

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Visit the massive Salinas Lagoon in Arequipa

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Travel from Arequipa to Salinas Lagoon

Laguna de Salinas is located at 4300 meters (14107 feet) above the sea level. The lake is at 3-hour drive from Arequipa city. We will depart at about 07:00 in order to have more light hours for the amazing view that offers this highlight.

Chiguata Village and pre-Inca terraces

On our way, we will pass through the village of Chiguata, where we will observe pre-Inca terraces, which are still used for crops such as quinoa, alfalfa, corn, potatoes, carrots, broad beans, and others. The colonial church of the Espiritu Santo stands out in this town, which is made of ashlar. After a short stopover, we will continue our trip into the National Reserve, where we will see the Queñuas forest.

Salinas lagoon

Once we arrive at the lagoon, we will enjoy the spectacular landscape of the salt lake. The Salinas lagoon is truly a gift from nature. It is surrounded by the most active volcanoes of Peru such as the Ubinas volcano. We will be able to observe the back view of Misti, Chachani and Picchu Picchu Volcanoes from the lake.

Aguada Blanca National Nature Reserve

Inside the reserve, we will be able to observe Andean rabbits, Andean deer, birds, and South American camelids such as vicuña, llama, and alpaca. Salinas lagoon is also a natural habitat of other types of Andean birds, such as guallatas, (Andean goose), crested ducks (lophonetta specularioides), yanavico (plegadis ridgway), giant coot – ajoya (Fulica gigantea), Andean gull - kiulla (larus serranus).

In addition, thousands of flamingos are observed at Salinas. It is possible to see three species; one is permanent and the other two are migratory. They arrive between December and March. At the site, we will observe the extraction and artisanal production of salt. After the rain season (December to March), the salty flat converts into a lake. We'll walk around the salt flats and appreciate its uniqueness and the spectacular landscape.

Return to Arequipa City

You will return to Arequipa city.

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