Galapagos Tour: North Seymour and Las Bachas Beach

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Day tour to the island of Seymour with iguanas, blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds

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In the morning, jump aboard and head for the harbor for today's day trip.

The small island of North Seymour is one of the most diverse islands in the Galapagos archipelago. It is only about two square kilometers in size and, above all, is known for of the intensive courtship rituals of the magnificent frigatebirds taking place here during mating season. The island is home to large colonies of land iguanas, marine iguanas and sea lions. The characteristic bush landscape features diverse species of animals amongst the aromatic endemic balsa trees.

After two hours well spent exploring the island, you return to the boat. Travel to the north coast of Santa Cruz Island, where you will visit Las Bachas Beach - one of the most important nesting sites for the Galapagos Island's sea turtle population.

A hidden lagoon behind the bay reveals a treasure trove of animal sightings - sunbathing iguanas, curious shorebirds, and Darwin finches, mockingbirds and seagulls frolic here. Native plant life is also interesting in this area. Red and black mangroves and salt bushes line the edges of the pond.

In this heavenly place you will also find the remains of barges that sank long ago when the US Navy operated a base on the island of Baltra during the Second World War. Local people changed the word Barges to "Bachas".

Back in Puerto Ayora you have enough time to explore the little town on your own.

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