Galapagos Tour: Snorkeling with the Fishermen

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Snorkeling and fishing to the islands of Daphne, Pinzon or Santa Fe with local Fishermen

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Birdwatching, snorkeling and fishing

Snorkeling at Daphne Island: Daphne Mayor is located offshore from Santa Cruz’s north, only 15 minutes from the Itabaca Channel and Baltra Airport. We recommend this trip for those adventurers who prefer shorter distance navigations.

The island offers a spectacular display of marine life and seabirds. The North West side of the island is perfect place for bird watching with different types of seabirds nesting and preparing for their daily hunt in Daphne's cliffs. You will be able to see nazca boobies, noddies, swallow-tailled gulls, lava gulls, medium ground finches and frigatebirds. Snorkeling and free diving will take place at the foot of Daphne's steep walls. Here you will see a variety of underwater animals including manta rays, sea lions, sharks and large schools of tropical reef fishes. You have the opportunity to fish at Tiburon Arrecho seamount and make a final stop to grill your catch at Bahia Borrero, a spectacular white sand beach known for the high numbers of breeding sea turtles in shallow waters between December and March.

Snorkeling at Pinzon Island: The calm, crystalline waters of Pinzon Island attract both amateur and professional snorkelers. Penguin Bay, at Pinzon Island has a shallow, protected cove with wonderful visibility conditions. Its location at the center of the main archipelago lends wonderful conditions for incredible biodiversity. Encounters with congregations of green sea turtles, large tropical and sub-tropical reef fish, reef sharks and rays are common here. The calm sea allows a very relaxing snorkel, permitting swimmers of a wide range of ages and abilities to enjoy the experience.

Dumb Islet, at Pinzon’s North Shore, has a deep, steep wall that is perfect for free diving. These waters are home to mantas and a large variety of pelagic fish. On occasions, large groups of bottle-nose dolphins swim by the area. With a little luck and effort one may also spot the famous Galapagos red-lipped batfish, resting on the ocean floor. On the way to Pinzon you'll have the opportunity to go fishing either at Nameless Rock, or Pinzon Drop Off. There will be one last stop at La Fe or Las Palmas, on the way back to Santa Cruz, for exploring and relaxing. Both places have beautiful forests of Mangroves and Opuntia cacti growing near the shoreline.

Snorkeling at Santa Fé Island: Santa Fé is the ultimate island for water activities. Young sea lions are very friendly and are often seen in these waters playing with swimmers. The curious youngsters offer a unique wildlife interaction, playing and showing off tricks.

You will depart from Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz's main pier. The navigation takes approximately 50 minutes, beginning with an optional 40 minutes fishing break to catch your lunch. Your marine reserve guide will lead the group in a playful experience with sea lions and you will have plenty of time to play in the water. Back on board, the crew will wait with a fresh towel and hot chocolate, tea or coffee. For lunch, you can enjoy your catch either grilled or raw. On the return, you will pass along the cliffs of Santa Fé, looking for blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds. It will take approximately 25 minutes to get to Playa Escondida; where mangroves, and beautiful white sand beach and the famous Galapagos marine iguanas will welcome you. This will be the time to relax on the beach before your return in the late afternoon.

Please Note: The Galapagos National Park has placed a temporary ban on swimming, snorkeling or diving in the waters around Santa Fé.

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