Galapagos Tour: Wall of Tears

Tour/Activity in Isabela Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Visit the historic Muro de las Lágrimas, Wall of Tears, built by convicts.

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Visit the Wall of Tears

Galapagos PRO recommendation: This trip should not be missed in your Galapagos experience. You can go on your own or with a nature guide. Groups of 5 or more require the accompaniment of a nature guide when visiting the National Park.

El Muro de las Lágrimas (Wall of Tears) is a visitor point approximately 7 kilometers west of Puerto Villamil, approximately 4 hours hike

The wall is about 150 meters long and was built under cruel conditions by convicts of the infamous penal colony "Porvenir" in the 40s and 50s. First named the Wall of Tears by local residents, who state that the wall often emits an eerie, crying sound and the area is said to have a "heavy energy".

The penal colony was closed after a prison uprising in 1959, but the wall remains intact as a memorial to the large number who needlessly lost their lives during the construction of the wall. Rumor has it that there are still descendants of the prison escapees living on the island.

Today Isabela island is mainly home to a variety of lava lizards. Darwin's finches and Galapagos hawks are often spotted along the walk here, as well as giant tortoises, so keep your camera ready!

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