Galapagos Kayak Tour: Las Tintoreras

Tour/Activity in Isabela Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Kayaking around the bay of Puerto Villamil to visit Las Tintoreras Island

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Las Tintoreras Island

The small fishing village of Puerto Villamil invites you to join a kayak tour destined for Las Tintoreras, a small islet in the southeast of Isabela. At the harbour beach, where the sea lions loll or lounge in the sand and sun, you set sail after a short briefing with your nature guide. Along the coast you glide past bizarre lava rocks and can see various seabirds. You head towards "Las Tintoreras", a small island in the south-east of Isabela. Blue-footed boobies, pelicans and, in cooler weather, penguins sit on the low volcanic rocks. You can get very close to them by kayak. The nimble sea lizards scurry about, snapping at flies or enjoying the warmth that the dark lava rocks hold for them. On the sandy beach, the sea lions loll in the sun or laze around.

After about two hours on the kayak, you will head to the Concha de Perla lagoon with your nature guide. Enjoy the marine fauna here while snorkelling. Often you will see sea lions in the calm waters, as well as fish, turtles and other marine species.

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