Galapagos Kayak Tour: Las Tintoreras

Tour/Activity in Isabela Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Kayaking around the bay of Puerto Villamil to visit Las Tintoreras Island

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Las Tintoreras Island

The small fishing village of Puerto Villamil invites you to join a boat tour destined for Las Tintoreras, a small islet in the southeast of Isabela.

On the way, keep an eye out for sea lions and penguins who like to play in the water. On the sandy beach, the sea lions loll in the sun or laze in the shade of the mangroves and along the shores, the blue-footed booby males show off their striking blue feet in an attempt to woo the females. Marine iguanas warm themselves up on the black lava rocks next to the Galapagos penguins and Galápagos sea lions, recovering after their dives. Even white tip reef sharks are not uncommon to find in the calm waters of the bay.

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