Galapagos Tour: Floreana Island - Settler's Footsteps

Tour/Activity in Floreana Island, Ecuador

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Walk in the footsteps of the first settlers: visit the historic highlands of Floreana and snorkel at La Loberia

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Highlands of Floreana

Floreana offers wonderful testament to the fascinating human history of the Archipelago. Although paling in comparison to the geological history, the human history extends far beyond the island's first residents.

Stopping first at Post Office Bay, learn about the historic barrel that has served as a post office in the archipelago for over two centuries. Lonely sailors, away from home for years at a time, would stop at Floreana to restock their supplies of food and water. The homesick sailors devised a clever solution - they left letters in a makeshift 'post box' on Floreana, and when passing ships stopped on the way back to their home port, they would pick up all the letters destined for that place and deliver them.

To this day, the system is alive and well - each year thousands of visitors continue to leave letters for loved ones, and search for letters to bring home and deliver. To keep the tradition alive, hunt for a letter destined for a town near you and hand deliver it.

As well as Post Office Bay, Floreana is famous for its mysterious stories revolving around its first inhabitants, Doctor Ritter, Dora Strauch and the Wittmer family. You should also be sure to visit the Cave of Pirates, which is located near a fresh water fountain that once served as the only source of fresh water for the families living there. The fountain was called the Asylum of Peace by the Wittmers.

Board the Chivas bus to venture into Floreana's Highlands. As you ascend, pay attention to the changes in vegitation as you cross from the coastal zone in the to lush higher zones. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Floreana tortoise breeding centre - a conservation effort by the Charles Darwin Research Station. The Floreana tortoise, previously considered extinct, is now being bred in captivity here for safe release to the wild.

La Lobería

After lunch, wander along Black Beach to La Lobería, also known as sea lion beach. Here you can watch large colonies of sunbathing sea lions. Enjoy one of the best snorkelling sites in all of the Galapagos. Soak in the beautiful panorama of the small white sand beach with crystal clear green water, set against the background of volcanic peaks. The speedboat returns you to Santa Cruz.

This activity is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. During this cruise, excursions will take place within a group of up to 16 people.

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