Galapagos PRO Recommendation: From Farm to Table

Tour/Activity in Canoa, Ecuador

About this activity

Take advantage of the opportunity to harvest, prepare and enjoy your own food on this local community farm!

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Real Ecuador Food Experience, from Farm to Table

Galapagos PRO recommendation: This excursion should not be missed in your Ecuador experience.

This tour starts with a tasting of freshly squeezed juices from local fruit. Next, begin the harvest and pick out various fruits and vegetables from our farm to then cook with the community cook, Isela!

In the kitchen, you will have the opportunity to work alongside Isela and cook up a delicious lunch with everything you’ve harvested earlier in the morning. All food will be served in the local style, in clay pots with bowls and spoons crafted from local trees. After eating the main course, return to the kitchen to prepare a delicious chocolate dessert and a cup of local coffee.

At the end of the tour, you will be gifted a bar of freshly ground cocoa to take home as a memory.

Note: We recommend that you pre-book this excursion with us with a guide. You can also book the tour at the Canoa Beach Hotel. Select an option in the travel planner!

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