Galapagos Recommendation: Mindo's Top Attractions Pass

Tour/Activity in Mindo, Ecuador

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Save 25% with this bundled Mindo's Top Attractions Pass. Zip line through the Amazon, explore beautiful waterfalls etc.

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Mindo's Top Attractions Pass

Mindo's Top Attractions Pass includes entrance to your choice of 4 of the the following attractions:

Mindo Canopy: Zip line above the scenic forest on the best, safest, original canopy tour in Mindo (includes 10 lines).

Waterfall Sanctuary on a Cable Car: Ride a cable car through the forests of Mindo, stopping to explore 7 waterfalls on the way.

Butterfly Garden: Enter the interactive garden to observe more than 1,200 butterflies and learn about their life stages.

Yumbo's Chocolate Tour: Ecuador is famous for its chocolate. Learn about is production and do it yourself.

Mindo Biking: Rent a bike to get to each of the attractions or ride around the beautiful town of Mindo (24 hour rental).

Mindo's Top Attractions Pass does not include a tour guide and transportation to all of the attractions; however, you can get to each attraction with your bike, with a cab and at the majority of the attractions, guided tours are offered in English and Spanish. The pass is valid for six months, but you can easily visit all of the attractions in one day. At each attraction, simply present your voucher (either paper or mobile) along with your ID and your pass will be scanned for entrance.

Note: We recommend that you pre-book this excursion with us. You can also do it on your own and book it at the Canoa Beach Hotel. Select an option in the travel planner!

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