Galapagos PRO Recommendation: Millinery of Montecristi

Tour/Activity in Canoa, Ecuador

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Visit the birthplace of the world famous Montecristi Superfino hat

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Trip to a traditional hat factory in Montecristi

Galapagos PRO recommendation: This excursion should not be missed in your Ecuador experience.

A detour from the Pacific coast takes about half an hour inland to Montecristi, one of the production centers of Panama hats. This tour is led mostly by the resident American Greg Gilliam, who knows the entire region like the back of his hand. The town has made a name for itself internationally by exporting the world famous Montecristi Superfino all over the world. During your visit, you will be informed about the different production steps and significant differences in quality.

This is a recommended excursion that is not included in the tour price. This tour can be booked on site.

Note: We recommend that you pre-book this excursion with us with a guide. You can also do it on your own and book it at the Canoa Beach Hotel. Select an option in the travel planner!

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