Galapagos PRO recommendation: The Craft Villages of Otavalo

Tour/Activity in Otavalo, Ecuador

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Ethnographic tour of the craft villages in the canton of Otavalo

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Craft villages in the canton of Otavalo

Galapagos PRO recommendation: This excursion should not be missed in your Ecuador experience.

In this extraordinary ethnological tour of several craft villages in the Canton of Otavalo, attendees will visit 8-10 family farms, including weavers, fletchers, spinners and pressers. Each family farm follows centuries old traditions, using natural materials such as grasses, bamboo, wool and agave in artisanal, ingenious ways to produce their products.

The round trip leads - in variations - from Otavalo from the town of Carabuela to Puyaro, Cerotal, La Esperanza de San Roque and finally to San Juan de Illumine.

During your visit, you will be introduced to the techniques, some of which you can try yourself.

Note: We recommend that you pre-book this excursion with us with a local guide. But you can also go on your own. Select an option in the travel planner!

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