Galapagos PRO-Tour: Ayambe & La Esmeralda Reserve

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Biodioversity of the tropical dry forest, bird watching and turtle breeding

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Ayampe Reserve

Take a taxi to Ayampe. The hours of service for the visit of trails is from 07:00am to 03:30 pm.

What to see: Flora and Fauna: Estrellita Esmeraldeña, White Bat, Dorsigris Sparrowhawk, Cachetigris Parakeet, Guayaquileño Woodpecker, Little Girl, Slatey Cabezon, Attila, Ocrácea, Capuchirrufa Rascahojas.

The Ayampe River Reserve was created with the objective of protecting the Esmeraldas Woodstar hummingbird (Chaetocercus berlepschi), which is critically endangered and inhabits only a small area of the western Ecuadorian coast.

BIOLOGICAL IMPORTANCE The Chocó and Tumbes eco-zones are home to several species of worldwide-threatened birds.

The Esmeraldas Woodstar, emblematic bird of Las Tunas community, is part of the diverse fauna of the reserve. In addition, small-scale habitat restoration activities are being carried out with species of flora that will benefit not only the Esmeraldas Woodstar, but also other types of wildlife such as the Common White Bat.

On the other hand, rapid evaluations of reptiles and amphibians from the Ayampe River valley are being carried out, as well as an investigation of butterflies in the area.

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