Galapagos Cruise Archipell I - Northern Route (4)

Tour/Activity in Baltra Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Discover the islands of Genovesa, Bartolomé, Santiago and Santa Cruz

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Day 1

Arrival on Baltra island

You will arrive on Baltra in the morning where your Crew will greet you and your guide will bring you to the boat. You will be informed about the coming days and get a chance to get to know the boat and your cabin.

Islet Mosquera

Like many islands in the archipelago, Mosquera was formed due to an eruption of a submarine volcano. Rocks and coral colonised the island and supported you against the current that flows between Baltra and Seymour to collect sand. Now it is home to one of the largest colonies of sea lions and offers them a large beach to rest, sunbathe and play. In addition, orcas (killer whales) can sometimes be seen from here, as sea lions are part of their diet and there is much cavorting here. Mosquera can also surprise with some rare species. The endemic and rare Lava Gull nests on this island but is one of the rarest gull species in the world with its few hundred pairs. With a bit of luck, you may stalk a crabeater heron or catch a glimpse of a rare red-footed booby.

Day 2

Prince Philip's Steps, Genovesa

Genovesa Island is secluded from the other main islands in the north of the archipelago and is well-known as the Bird Island.

Prince Philip's Steps are a staircase sunken into volcanic rock that leads to a plateau rich with vegetation and wildlife. True to the nickname of Bird Island, this area is home to nesting masked and blue-footed boobies, Bahama ducks, petrels and gulls amongst a host of other local species. The Galápagos horned owls bask on the warm volcanic rocks here, paying no attention the tourists around them

Darwin Bay, Genovesa

Emerging from the narrow entrance, you'll reach Darwin Bay, surrounded by protective cliffs. Frigatebirds regularly patrol the skies here and petrels can be seen hunting coastal waters for smaller fish. The green water in the bay is evidence of a high plankton content which attracts fish and seabirds, making this wildlife-rich bay a wonderful site for snorkeling. With some luck, you may also encounter peaceful hammerheads and black spotted eagle rays.

Day 3

Bartolomé Island

Bartolomé in the northern part of the archipelago was nominated for the World Travel Awards 2012 as the most beautiful beach of South America. Here, you will find a fascinating, lunar-like volcanic landscape. At its center, the famous landmark of Galapagos: Pinnacle Rock.

A climb to the highest point of the island offers a wonderful view of the landscape. Take a swim together with some of the penguins who play in the waters and on the shores of the bay here.

Sullivan Bay, Santiago

Although this beautiful beach deserves its place in the highlights list, the day will surprise you with another highlight: the special pahoehoe lava flows.

Almost 100 years ago, lava flowed across the island and left behind various forms of soil: braided and stringy lava fields alternate with sharp-edged jagged formations. Feel the warm stones of the black, unreal lava landscape under your hands and move back to the time of origin, when volcanoes raged here, ultimately creating a paradise.

Day 4

Los Gemelos, Santa Cruz

The Twin Craters are not craters at all, they were formed when underlying magma chambers collapsed and the earth caved in. This makes them no less impressive to see. They are easily accessible via a path from Puerto Ayora and offer a fantastic view. In addition to the avoidable craters, some of the endemic bird species also cavort here. The path leads you through the Scalesia forest, past Galapagos doves, Darwin's finches, Galapagos flycatchers, Galapagos owls and many other inhabitants of the air. And once you reach the crater rim, a view awaits you that you will never forget!

Transfer to Baltra airport

You will return to the harbor of Baltra. From there, transfer to Baltra Airport in time for your return flight to the mainland, or continue with your planned route through the Galapagos.

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