8-Days Island Hopping with Scalesia Lodge and Finch Bay

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New and innovative island hopping program in Galapagos

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Day 1

From Continental Ecuador to Baltra and then to Isabela


Fly from mainland Ecuador to the Galápagos islands and board your transfer flight from Baltra to Isabela Island. Those with a window seat will have the pleasure of enjoying the breathtaking scenery on your quick flight.

Upon arrival on Isabela Island, you will be transferred to the higher part of the island and check in at Scalesia Lodge. Before the first journey begins, enjoy a delicious lunch at the lodge. During a visit to the highlights of the Isabela National Park, you will discover the wetlands of the lagoons and the learn about the giant tortoises in the breeding center. End your day at the white beach of Puerto Villamil before returning to the hotel for dinner.

Please note: Flights within the archipelago limit luggage to 9 kg (20lb) per passenger. If you wish, part of your Baltra luggage can be sent directly to Finch Bay Eco-Lodge, where you will arrive on Monday afternoon (day 4)

Day 2

Isabela Island: Volcán Sierra Negra


Rise with the sun for an early breakfast before heading out to explore Isabela Island. The day focuses on one of the island's greatest attractions: the Sierra Negra volcano. Walk along the edge of the second largest crater in the world and discover the recent volcanic activity and the fascinating formations that result. On the way there is a light refreshment and the lodge will provide your lunch. In the afternoon, we recommend a walk along the beach of Puerto Villamil or rest. Enjoy the dinner and spend the night at Scalesia Lodge.

Day 3

Isabela Island: Las Tintoreras and Wall of Tears


Today we visit both the Marine Reserve and the national park, both a highlight of the archipelago with their unique features.

After breakfast, start your visit to Las Tintoreras, a small archipelago accessible only by boat. Here you can observe sharks, marine iguanas and a colony of Galapagos penguins in their natural habitat.

Head back to the lodge for lunch before an afternoon trip to learn about the history of Isabela Island at the Wall of Tears.

The sunsets at Puerto Villamil are spectacular and will stay with you long after you've left the islands! Enjoy the dinner and spend the night at Scalesia Lodge.

Day 4

Baltra: North Seymour


After breakfast, Scalesia Lodge staff will take you to Puerto Villamil Airport. A short flight full of beautiful scenery returns you to Baltra Island. Board the Sea Lion Yacht to go to North Seymour, voted as one of the four best islands in the Galápagos because of the diverse animal colonies that live there. Seven of the Galapagos's Big 15 can be seen here! Admire the Galápagos sea lions and fur seals as they sun themselves on the white sand beaches or lava stone outcrops. Blue-footed boobies and frigates play amongst the trees of palo santo and prickly pear cactus. This truly is an unforgettable landscape!

In the aftrnoon, enjoy lunch on board the Sea Lion Yacht as you soak in the scenery during the return to the Itabaca Canal, past Santa Cruz Island until you reach Puerto Ayora.

Take a short ride in a panga, a stroll through the mangroves to arrive at Finch Bay Eco Hotel. Whether you prefer to dine in the hotel restaurant or in one of the many restaurants in the village, the options are extensive.

Spend the night at Finch Bay Eco Hotel.

Day 5

Santa Cruz: El Manzanillo


Start the day with a hearty Finch Bay breakfast that offers local and international alternatives. El Manzanillo is located on the natural route of one of the giant tortoise species of Santa Cruz. A short walk will take you to the place where the tortoises often linger, finding mud ponds where they can cool off. The climate in the higher part of the island is more temperate and is home to many interesting flightless birds, plants and trees that are unique to these islands.

Take a short break at Los Gemelos to enjoy some lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, visit a local farm to learn more about the modern day culture of the island.

Enjoy the dinner and spend the night at Finch Bay Eco Hotel.

Day 6

Santa Fé Island


After breakfast, board the Sealion Yacht. The yacht will take you to Santa Fe, an impressive volcanic island located 16 nautical miles from Puerto Ayora. After a landing in the water on a beautiful sealion-covered white sand beach, walk along rocky terrain until you find the land iguana of Santa Fe. This iconic species is often found waiting patiently under the giant cactus tree for falling fruit. Other species usually seen on Santa Fé Island inlcude pelicans, boobies and the largest bird of prey of the archipiélago, the Galapagos hawk.

Return to tip the yacht to enjoy one of the best skindiving sites in the archipiélago before enjoying lunch onboard the Sealion Yacht. Sometimes during the return to Puerto Ayora, travellers are lucky enough to spot whales surfacing for air. Make sure to keep an eye out for this special moment!

Back at the hotel, enjoy a cocktail by the pool and stay for dinner or go out to the village to explore the local culture. It's your choice!

Spend the night at Finch Bay Eco Hotel.

Day 7

Santa Cruz: Tortuga Bay, Playa Brava, Playa Mansa, Darwin S


After breakfast, the trip continues to Tortuga Bay, voted the most popular beach in South America on TripAdvisor.

Walk from the western end of Puerto Ayora, along a fairly flat and straight paved road where you can explore and learn more about the forest of this arid area and its inhabitants.

First you reach Playa Brava, a beautiful beach of 1km of white sand and a temporary nesting site for sea turtles. A few minutes further along, you will find Playa Mansa, a quiet natural cove of mangroves with clear and calm waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or just to enjoy the scenery from the shade of a mangrove.

You will be returned to Finch Bay on a small yacht just in time for lunch. In the afternoon, you end the day with a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station, which highlights the history and conservation program of the emblematic giant tortoises.

Day 8



After your final breakfast at the hotel, you will transfer to Baltra airport in time for your return flight to Ecuador's mainland.

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