Ecuador Rainforest: 5 Days Cuyabeno Lodge, Cuyabeno

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

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Discover the Amazon rainforest

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Day 1

Transfer to Lago Agrio

Take a 25 minute flight over the picturesque Andes, to the oil town of Lago Agrio, where the Amazon Lowlands begin.

Transfer to Cuyabeno Lodge

After a welcome by the park guide, start your journey through the Cuyabeno National Park on the drive to the lodge. The road following the beautiful, meandering Cuyabeno River leads you to the largest lake in the nature reserve, the Laguna Grande. The Cuyabeno Lodge is the only state-certified accommodation on one of the seven lakes of the Cuyabeno River system.

After your arrival you can take a hot shower and have lunch. If you want, you can swim in the lake with Amazon dolphins and, with a little luck, you may even see manatees.

Explore the lagoon

Experience the sunset from the middle of the lagoon. After the swim, dinner is followed by a night walk in the Amazon Rainforest. Be sure to bring your flashlight and watch the nocturnal creatures of the rainforest, such as the transparent tree frogs, armadillos, weasels, fruit bats and numerous night insects.

Day 2


Since birds are most active at dawn, start your day by watching birds before breakfast with an experienced nature guide. Yellow-breasted macaws fly clamoring over the Laguna Grande, while crested chickens sound their hoarse tones as they search for food in the macrolobium marsh. You may hear the mysterious sound of howler monkeys, or see a group of squirrel monkeys jumping through the treetops. In fact, 10 species of monkeys have been recorded in the reserve. Back in your Amazon Lodge you will get your breakfast. Afterwards, there is a trip through the mainland Amazon forest with your Siona guide and nature guides to explore plants and animals. Here you will learn a lot about the medicinal plants and their traditional use.

Guided night hikes

After lunch and a siesta, you will make a trip by dug-out canoe to the flooded Igapo to spot the active monkeys and birds in the afternoon. Furthermore you have the possibility of swimming and seeing the sunset. After dinner there will be a nocturnal excursion to spot caimans and nocturnal birds. Finish your day with a swim in the lake.

Day 3

Bird watching and Nocturnal jungle walk

Visit the Siona village. Discover the vegetable garden and learn about the uses of cultivated crops from a local Siona woman. She will show you how to prepare cassava, and of course you can also taste it afterwards.

In the late afternoon, return to the lodge by canoe. Once darkness sets in after dinner, you will once again quietly take a canoe out to the lake, this time to look for a caiman, a close relative of the alligator. The Caiman can be discovered with flashlights that reflect orange in their eyes. With any luck, you may occasionally spot the eyes of a wandering ocelot or jaguar in the flashlight beam.

Day 4

Cuyabeno Reserve

After breakfast you will take the traditional dug-out canoes to enjoy the incredible nature. In the afternoon, explore the Cuyabeno Nature Reserve.

Day 5

Transfer to Quito

After breakfast journey up Cuyabeno river to El Puente. Drive back to Lago Agrio in time for your flight or bus journey back to Quito.

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