Ecuador Rainforest: 4 Days Tapir Lodge, Cuyabeno

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

Experience monkeys, frogs, birds, insects and the indigenous lifestyle during your stay at the Tapir Lodge.

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Day 1

Transfer from Lago Agrio to the Tapir Lodge

Your jungle adventure starts in Lago Agrio, where the driver of the Tapir Lodge awaits you. From there you drive east, deeper into the province of Sucumbios, past rivers, small villages on rain forest, where the vegetation is increasingly dense. Enjoy a lunch break at the bridge of the Cuyabeno River - the entrance to the National Park, before the motorised canoe takes you to the lodge.

Your canoe takes you deep into the Cuyabeno National Park, affording the first sightings of monkeys, birds and butterflies of the Cuyabeno rainforest. Two hours downriver you will find Tapir Lodge, where you will have the opportunity to relax, freshen up and explore the lodge. After dinner, the tour guide will give you an introduction and explain the planned daily excursions. Exciting days are ahead of you!

Day 2

Motorised canoe to Laguna Grande

After an invigorating breakfast at Tapir Lodge, a canoe trip upriver to the unique Laguna Grande is on the agenda in the morning. There you can explore the near shore areas and the flooded Igapo forest, which provides a habitat for the most diverse plants, such as bromeliads, orchids, ferns and cacti. After your aquatic exploration, set off through the terra firme forrest to learn more about this particular sub-ecosystem.

Here you will learn, through countless examples, more about rainforest ecology. Tangares, parrots, toucans, as well as numerous insects and plants call this area home and with a little luck, different species of monkeys, such as monkeys, squirrel monkeys or tamarins, will cross your path. In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch and a short rest at the lodge, you will again make your way to the Laguna Grande. If the weather permits, you can go swimming in the lagoon and watch a breathtaking sunset.

After an adventurous day, return to the Tapir Lodge for dinner in the evening. Afterwards you can enjoy a drink at the bar or take a short night walk around the lodge, which also features tree frogs and various fascinating insects.

Day 3

Navigate to the village of Puerto Bolívar

Cuyabeno National Park is home to more than 500 bird species and will be the destination for your jungle adventure today. In the morning, take the canoe to the indigenous village of Puerto Bolívar.

Around Puerto Bolívar, explore the surrounding forest and look out for the blue morphos, toucans, macaws and arious monkeys. Enjoy your packed lunch back in the village. Afterwards you will learn more about the lifestyle of the inhabitants and their daily activities, such as harvesting and the preparation of cassava breads. These are made from a root tuber that forms part of the carbohydrate-rich diet of the local population. You also have the opportunity to buy handcrafted souvenirs before meeting the shaman who shares his knowledge of the jungle and the special traits of the flora that make up the local area.

Back in the tapir lodge in the late afternoon, enjoy a drink or freshen up before dinner. In the afternoon you will navigate back to Puerto Bolívar, where you will be greeted by a local Siona family. Here you will observe how the Cassava Bread is prepared and you will be able to taste it. This has always been an essential food supply and perhaps the main source of carbohydrates for the indigenous communities of the rainforest. You will then head back to the Tapir Lodge, where you will have dinner, chat with the guide about the day's events and might have a freshly prepared regional cocktail.

Day 4

Navigation to the bridge and transportation to Lago Agrio

After a healthy breakfast, departure times depends on the river's water levels. The staff will attend to your luggage to make sure it is all safely loaded onto the canoe. During the relaxed two hour navigation back to the bridge at the Cuyabeno river, you can look forward to seeing further species during the cruise. Your private transportation will be waiting for you and drive you back to Lago Agrio to arrive at the airport in time for your flight.

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