Ecuador Rainforest: 4 Days Siona Amazonas Lodge

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

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Experience an extraordinary stay in the Amazon Rainforest

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Day 1

Flight from Quito to Lagro Agrio

Your journey begins with a 40 minute flight from Quito to Lagro Agrio.

Transfer to Siona Lodge

Day 1, Morning: Reception at the airport of Lago Agrio at 10:00. Transfer to the river Cuyabeno. During the ~2 hours boat ride to Siona Lodge, you will receive lunch aboard the boat. Your nature guide provides information about the reserve, important recommendations for exploring the grounds and other tips. Along the river you can see various animals in their natural environment including monkeys, toucans, parrots, insects and, of course, the lush vegetation in the Amazon.

Guided walk through the rainforest

Day 1, Afternoon: Arrival at the lodge. Later you will take a night walk in the forest and learn more about the life of the Amazon's amphibians. Then return to the lodge for a welcome drink and dinner.

Day 2

Excursion into the rainforest

Day 2: After breakfast, embark on a 4 hour walk on the path "Palma Roja". Experience the astounding diversity of the plant and animal kingdom in this magic region of the world. Among other things, you can admire the Ceibo, the jungle's largest tree. After lunch, take a walk to the lagoon, where you have the opportunity to observe swimming birds and dolphins. With good weather, this area offers incredible sunsets.

Day 3

Visit an indigenous community

Day 3: After breakfast, enjoy a 2 hour ride downriver to the indigenous community Siona - the largest ethnic group within the reserve. During this day trip, you can learn about their customs, traditions and way of life. For lunch try Casabe, a typical dish made from the cassava root and visit the shaman. Birds, monkeys, snakes, pink dolphins, turtles and other animals of the Amazon play in their natural environment along the banks of the river.

After dinner at the lodge, you can take a night excursion to visit Crocodiles.

Day 4

Bird watching and drive to the airport

Day 4: Early in the morning before breakfast you start with a guided bird watching tour through the morning light of the jungle. After breakfast departure to the airport of Lago Agrio.

Return flight from Lagro Agrio to Quito

40 minute return flight from Lagro Agrio to Quito.

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