4 Days Ecuador Rainforest Tour at Kuyana Lodge

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

An immersive sports and adventure experience in the Ecuador rainforest

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Day 1

Transfer to the lodge

Transfer with private transportation to the lodge in the Amazon rainforest

Arrival at the lodge

After check-in and a welcome drink, you will take a short walk to visit the Kuyana Island. In the afternoon you will enjoy a typical Kuyana lunch and discover the magic of the Amazon rainforest. At night you will know a Quechua family and share their customs such as culture and gastronomy.

Visit to a Quechua Family

During your short visit to Kuyana Island after enjoying a typical Kuyana lunch. You will share the customs of the area, and what better than to be received in the home of a Quechua family of the Community of Santo Domingo del HollĂ­n. In this community lives approximately 50 families which preserve their traditions, customs, and gastronomy; you will share this enriching activity with them.

Day 2

Amazon safari experience

You will begin the day with a tasty breakfast and embark on a guided tour with a non-motorized canoe to a beautiful lagoon, where you could see countless birds, some monkeys, and other species. You will travel on the Napo River in a motorized canoe until you reach an indigenous community, where you will be welcomed with a dance and they will teach you a bit of their culture. You will hike in the jungle and observe the Ceibo Gigante, a legendary tree that with its energy and great size will surprise you. This activity will last about four hours. In the afternoon you will return to the lodge to have dinner.

Day 3

Usphayacu trail

You will have breakfast early in the morning and after you will visit The Usphayacu Estero which is formed by natural springs of the area. The Estero crosses Kuyana Amazon Lodge, this walk is an ideal place to immerse ourselves in the jungle and enjoy this place in all its splendor, you will be able to marvel at the waterfalls along the way. During this tour, you will also get to observe several species of birds, insects and other animals in the area.

Day 4

Guitarracocha trail

After breakfast, you will walk along an ancestral cultural trail where ancestral cultural knowledge has given Guitarracocha its name, because, at night in this small lagoon-like formation you can hear the sound of guitars. Along this route, you can explore the Kuyana Island and take a refreshing bath on its banks, and get to know more about their restoration efforts at work.

Transfer from Lodge to Quito

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