Ecuador Rainforest: Live with the Shuar Community (3)

Tour/Activity in Quito, Ecuador

About this activity

Get to know the rituals and rhythms of the Shuar Tawasap community in the Amazon!

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Day 1

Transfer by public bus

A member of the Shuar community will collect you in Quito. The journey time to Tawasap from Quito is about 7 hours.

Day 1 - 3

4-day program

Day 1 After the arrival in the Shuar community you will be greeted with the traditional welcome rituals of the Shuar, consisting of dances and rhythms. You will get to know the community and can get in touch with the residents and exchange with them to learn more about their lives in the middle of the jungle. In the museum of the village place you can find an exhibition of ceramics, as well as web products and seeds.

Day 2 After breakfast you can be active and participate in the sportactivities of the Shuar like javelin, athletics and ritual fights. Afterwards you will visit the botanical garden and the gigantic giant trees. Tzamarenda will teach you about the medicinal plants that they use for ointments, oils and teas. The ointments are very effective in skin irregularities such as age spots and allergic reactions and sunburn. The oils are used for massages and ensure the perfect sleep. At the end of the day, you will visit a tree nursery that has set up a reforestation project of the rainforest.

Day 3 You leave early in the morning for Quito.

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