Ecuador Coast 2-Day Puerto Lopez & Isla de la Plata

Tour/Activity in Guayaquil, Ecuador

About this activity

Visit "Little Galapagos" and the beautiful coastal area around Puerto Lopez.

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Day 1

The coastal town of Puerto Lopez

You will be picked up in the morning either at your hotel or directly at the airport. Around noon you will reach the town of Puerto Lopez. Now you have the opportunity to stroll through the city on your own or to end the day on the beach. You will stay overnight at La Terraza Hotel.

Day 2

Boat trip to Isla de la Plata

After a hearty breakfast, you head for Isla de la Plata, also called "Little Galapagos". To get there takes about one and a half hours by boat. The peculiarity here is that this is the only place outside the Galapagos Islands where all three types of boobies, blue-footed-, red-footed- and masked booby, can be found.

The most common bird species on the island is the blue-footed booby, but you can also see frigate birds, red-billed tropic birds and Galapagos albatrosses (breeding season April-Oct), as well as sea lions colonizing the island in small colonies. When visiting the Isla de la Plata, there is also the opportunity to snorkel to observe the fabulous selection of colorful fish. You may also, with a bit of luck, see dolphins and manta rays on the boat, as well as humpback whales (June-Sept). For lunch you have received a lunch box from the hotel.

In the afternoon you drive back to the mainland and back to Guayaquil. There you will be dropped off either at the hotel or at the airport.

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