Ballestas Islands

Tour/Activity in Paracas, Peru, Peru

About this activity

Explore the Ballestas Islands by boat

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Boat ride around the Balletas-Islands

The Ballestas Islands is home to peculiar and diverse coastal fauna. This two-hour journey takes you around several small islands while overhearing the soft squeals from sea lions in the background. During this tour, you will also get to see the Humboldt penguins as well as a variety of guano birds.

On the way to the islands, you will pass by the magnificent “Candelabro” (the Chandelier), an enormous and mysterious geoglyph carved on the desert soil, making this a morning of archaeological and natural history discovery.

Following the same principle and technique of the Nazca Lines, this geoglyph arouses even more curiosity as it is located next to the coast at a very windy area and has nevertheless remained even after ca. 2500 years. It seems that a fine layer of marine salty water has covered the figure protecting it from the wind. It is directed to the South Pole, pointing to the Nazca Lines and is only really visible from the sea. For these reasons, it is believed that it was drawn by the seamen of Nazca culture as a guide for navigators.

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