Arequipa City Tour: Museum Santuarios Andino

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Visit the Museum Santuarios Andino in Arequipa

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Visit the Museum Santuarios Andino in Arequipa

In the Museo Santuarios Andinos you will find the burial goods of Inca children who were sacrificed on the volcanoes around Arequipa. These exhibits include fabrics, jewelery, vessels and clothing from the time of the Inca rule. A highlight of this museum are the Quipos, also known as "talking knots". These are a collection of knotted strings that were used by the Incas in place of script when collecting data and keeping records. The most famous exhibit is the mummy of a girl who was sacrificed over 500 years ago on the summit of the volcano Ampato The mummy is affectionately known as Juanita.

This activity is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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