The Belmond Andean Explorer: Arequipa - Puno - Cusco

Tour from Arequipa, Peru to Cusco, Peru

About this activity

Experience the Andeans of Peru aboard the first luxurious train in South America

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Day 1

Ride to Puno

At 7 pm you will be brought to the train station of Arequipa. You will have time to get comfortable in your cabin, walk around in the train and meet the other travellers. At 8 pm the Belmond Andean Explorer begins its journey to Puno. Dinner awaits you in the dining car.

Day 2


After a good nights sleep you will arrive in Puno. Enjoy breakfast aboard and explore the Uros Islands at the Titicaca Lake. Afterwards you can walk around and explore the lake. You will enjoy lunch aboard the Explorer at the train station of Puno. In the afternoon your journey to la Raya begins.

Day 2 - 3

La Raya

Along your journey to la Raya you can enjoy Cocktails and Snacks at the Piano Bar. After that you will enjoy dinner in the dining car of the train. Shortly after your dinner you will arrive at la Raya and get ready for the night here.

Day 3

Ride to Cusco

After your stay in la Raya you will enjoy breakfast aboard the Explorer and journey to Cusco. Before you arrive in Cusco you can enjoy brunch with your fellow travellers.

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