Peru-Amazon: Explorer's Inn Lodge Puerto Maldonado (4)

Tour/Activity in Arequipa, Peru, Peru

About this activity

The Explorer's Inn Lodge is located along the Tambopata river, nestled deep in the Peruvian Amazon.

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Day 1

Transfer from Puerto Maldonado to Explorer's Inn Lodge

When you arrive at the airport in Puerto Maldonado, you will be greeted by the Explorer's Inn team. You will then head to the city office to unpack your luggage and store your larger pieces of luggage there until your return trip.

From there, you will proceed to Puerto Tambopata where you will be taken to the lodge by boat which sails through the Madre de Dios river (this takes around 3 hours).

While sailing to the lodge, you will be provided with a lunch box. A short stop at the control tower will also be made to register for entering the Amazona region. If you like, you can get an official Tambopata stamp on your passport as a memory of your time in the Amazon.

Upon arrival at the lodge, you will be greeted by the team at the lodge and be given more information on your visit there, so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

After a short break, you will be given a presentation on the different kinds of caimans/alligators in the Amazon.

A rich and sumptuous awaits you as you rejuvenate yourself in preparation for a night safari afterward, where you watch the caimans hunt or rest on sandbanks.

Day 2

Observation tower at the Amazon

As the saying goes - the early bird catches the worm, in order to see the giant otters and witness their amazing swimming abilities, you would have to get up early today. After breakfast, you will be driven 5.5 kilometers away from the lodge to the Cocococha river. Along the way, you will have many opportunities to see other animals like frogs and birds. Upon arrival at the river, you will observe the otters from rowing boats and your guide will paddle and navigate the boat while you focus on observing the otters and even the anacondas.

After an exciting morning, you will unwind with a break with snacks while enjoying the calm river view. On the way back, you will have a couple of stops as you get to know more about the flora and fauna along the way. Do not be surprised if you find a curious monkey hanging from above your head. You will then take a break at the lodge and refresh yourself with a delicious lunch.

A more relaxing activity will be in store for the afternoon as you visit a nearby fruit farm where you get to sink your teeth into some juicy fresh fruits while learning more about farming a variety of fruits like avocados, pineapples and more.

After this long and insightful day, you will be pampered with a 3-course dinner, packed full of local flavors.

Day 3

Visit to the salt lick

Your last full day will have an early start as well to make the most of your time here. You will travel 10 minutes with the boat through the Amazon to the salt lick. This is where you get to witness an astounding natural phenomenal, where many various species of parrots have their breakfast there. Through a camouflaged outlook, you will get to observe the parrots as they decide which area they like to feed on. The camouflaged wall allows you to have a great view of the bustling morning parrot activity.

After this, you will return to the lodge through a private jungle path where you get to discover more exotic animals and plants. Lunch will be served at the lodge and you can relax and unwind during the afternoons while enjoying the facilities at the lodge or hang out at the veranda where you can soak in the tranquil and glistening view of the Madre de Dios river.

Whoever is up for more adventure can go on a group tour to visit the 42-meter high observation tower where you get to enjoy a gorgeous view of the Amazon from above and enjoy the dream golden sunset. From the tower, you will gain a new perspective on the flora and fauna of the Amazon as you observe the birds, parrots, and monkey from a bird's eye view.

After dinner, a new exciting adventure awaits as you embark on a night tour with the tour guide through the Amazon jungle. During this tour, you will get to see different insects, amphibians, owls and many other animals.

Day 4

Transfer to Puerto Maldonado

You will rise early once again and begin your journey home or else in Lima/Cusco after breakfast.

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