Advanced Open Water Diving Course in Galapagos

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Up your diving game in the underwater paradise of the Galapagos!

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Day 1

Trial of equipment

Today you will meet your instructor at 17: 00 at the diving center, and you will begin with a review session. You will be asked to fill up a medical form and sign a disclaimer. The activities for the following days will be explained by your instructor and you will be able to try and test out your equipment.

Day 2

Open Water diving practice

Practice locations may vary depending on Galapagos National Park permits. Possible destinations are: Mosquera, Floreana, Seymour canal, Bartolomé, Cousins, Daphne, Guy Fawkes, Plazas and Gordon (min 25 dives).

Depending on the destination, you will arrive at the dive site at 9.30 am or 10.30 am. There will be floatation exercises in the morning and current exercises in the afternoon. Lunch will be served on board. You will return from your course at around 3.15 pm.

Day 3

Deep diving and navigation diving

At 7.45 am, you will meet your instructor at the Scuba Iguana office for a short briefing. Depending on the dive site, you will arrive at 9:30 or 10:30 to begin your first deep dive practice. Lunch is served on board, and you will continue the practice in open water afterward. In the afternoon you will practice navigation diving with the use of the compass.

Day 4

Identification of Species and Fun Dive

Today you will meet your guide at 7.45 am at the Scuba Iguana office. Depending on the diving location you will arrive between 9.30 am and 10.30 am. The practice on the fourth day is dedicated to the identification of species or other activities and some free underwater time in the afternoon for you to practice the diving techniques you were taught (Fun Dive).

You will return to the islands at around 3.15 pm and arrive at 4.30 pm.

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