5-Day Tour: From Cuenca to Quito for the Büchele family

Tour from Cuenca to Quito, Ecuador

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Drive from Cuenca to Ingapirca, Baños, Cotopaxi and Quito

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Day 1

Incapacity Ingapirca and continue to Baños

Early morning we drive north, approx 80 kilometers from Cuenca lies the most important discovery site in Ecuador, Ingapirca (Inkapirka, Kichwa: "Inkamauer"), Hatun Kañar (Hatun Cañar, "Groß-Cañar"). The exact purpose of the complex, which was designated by the Spanish chroniclers of the Conquista as "castle" (castillo), is still not decrypted. In the meantime, however, it became clear that it was not just a fortress, but also a cave of the Kañari, which was later used and expanded by the Inca. The construction of the seamless joining of large stone blocks resembles the inca ruines obtained in Cuzco. According to current interpretation, the complex includes a sun temple, an observatory for observing the sun and the moon, storage rooms, ritual baths, tombs, streets and squares. After the visit, we continue to Baños, gateway to the Amazon. Overnight at Hotel Luna Runtun.

Day 2

Waterfalls in the area

In the evergreen surroundings of Baños there are numerous smaller and larger waterfalls and canyons, which is worth visiting. Today you will visit these waterfalls, all of which are located on the so-called "Waterfall Route" ("Ruta de las cascadas"). The largest and most impressive waterfall is the "Pailon del Diablo" (Devil's Gorge). The last part of the approximately 20-minute walk takes you over a Hängebrücke, which has a spectacular view of the falling water wall. The special feature of this waterfall is that you can approach the gorge and the waterfall to a few meters. Overnight at Hotel Luna Runtun.

Day 3

Drive to Cotopaxi National Park

After breakfast, drive back to the Andean Highlands to the Cotopaxi National Park. The Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama during an easy stroll. Overnight at the edge of the National Park in the Hacienda Cuello de Luna.

Day 4

Turquoise blue Quilotoa lagoon

Today we will drive to the lagoon of Quilotoa, it is a lagoon of turquoise water. From the upper part, you have a spectacular view of the lagoon; the color depends on the e sunlight and you will see different shades of blue and turquoise. A narrow path leads to the shores of the volcanic lake. On the way back you can return on foot or you can also climb on the mules. In the afternoon return again to our Hacienda. Overnight at Hacienda Cuello de Luna.

Day 5

Drive to Quito

Drive on the road of the volcanoes to Quito.

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