Agriculture of the Andes Highlands (4)

Tour from Quito to Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Day 1

The Avenue of Volcanoes

Early in the morning the journey starts along the famous Avenue of Volcanoes. Your first stop is the market in Pujili. The way there is captivating with a beautiful view of the snow-capped Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world. Arriving in Pujili, you have the opportunity to see a normal day in the life of the local Indigenous. Discover high quality pottery that the Pujili region is known for, often in the form of money boxes with intricate patterns. The typical colors are blue, yellow and green. In this region there are also some rose plantations, one of which we visit before continuing to Salinas, one of the highest villages of Ecuador (3,550 m).

Salinas is right in the center of Ecuador's agriculture. Thanks to the solidarity of its population and international development aid, the village is now one of the country's most successful agricultural cooperatives. Stay the night at hostel Cooperative Hosteria El Refugio.

Day 2

Agriculture Cooperative in Salinas

The basic economic idea of ​​the Cooperative Salinas is to process their agricultural primary goods such as milk, wool and meat, expanding their range of natural products and thus to keep the trade largely in their own hands. In the 80s, some cheese dairies were created here and nowadays the cheese is known throughout Ecuador and is also exported to Italy.

In the afternoon, you will continue south with a short stop at the Chimborazo volcano before continuing to Hacienda La Danesa, founded in 1870 between the villages of Naranjito and Bucay. The Danish owner, Helge Olsen Friss, acquired the land to develop his passion for livestock and agriculture and managed to turn the estate into a traditional 500 acre farm owned by the Olsen Peet family. For over 20 consecutive years, Niels Olsen Pons has been recognised as the best dairy farmer on the Ecuadorian coast with his Brown Swiss herd. Stay the night at Hacienda La Danesa.

Day 3

Explore La Danesa

Today you get to spend the whole day in Hacienda La Danesa. On the cacao plantation you have the opportunity to taste raw cocoa at various stages of maturity and experience the process from the bean to the chocolate bar. Or you can explore the diverse nature on different paths around forests and rivers on a horseback ride. Stay the night at Hacienda La Danesa.

Day 4

Transfer to Guayaquil Airport

Early morning transfer to the Guayaquil Airport

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