3 Days Cacao Tour at Hacienda la Danesa

Tour/Activity in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Day 1

Transfer from Guayaquil and arrival

You will be picked up from your hotel in Guayaquil to get to the Hacienda.

We will visit a small cacao plantation, in order to learn more about the history and the different types of Cacao. After a tour around the plantation, you will get to know how cacao beans are roasted, deshelled and ground to produce cacao powder. From there, will we travel to a local Chocolatier where they will show you how they produce handmade chocolate. What's more? You will also be involved in adding toppings to the chocolates and can even bring it home as a souvenir or savor it right away.

Day 1 - 3

Hacienda La Danesa

For an even more in-depth and immersive cacao experience, you will visit one of the biggest cacao plantations. We will rent a car where you and your bilingual guide (English/Spanish) will bring you to explore one of the most fertile cacao plantations. Local experts will show and explain to you the entire process of harvesting, fermentation, and drying of the cacao to prepare them for further usage. If you are interested, together with our Chocolatier, you will get to temper the chocolate to prepare them to be processed into Dulce de leche.

Other activities planned for the day include biking, tubing and milking cows!

Day 3

Transfer back to Guayaquil

You will travel back to Guayaquil for the rest of your planned itinerary.

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