Sangay National Park

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Visit the mysterious Ozogoche lagoon in Sangay National Park

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Visit of one of the more than 300 lagoons of Sangay National Park!

Three volcanos, more than 322 lagoons, wide vegetation, and various mysteries characterize this very singular National Park. Sangay National Park protects the delicate and rich ecosystem around Sangay snow-capped volcano that is said to be the most active in the country. It is home to a great variety of endemic species of plants and hundreds of species of birds, mammals, and reptiles thanks to the generous volcanic soil, the variety of heights and the rich irrigation. For this reason, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1983. It hosts, among others, more than 300 endemic species of orchids and 400 species of birds. The descendants of CaƱari and Puruha tribes still live in the highlands of the park while towards the jungle there are territories belonging to the Shuar tribe.

From Riobamba you have access to several places around the National Park. For example, take the road to San Luis until you reach the Guamote-Macas road. This road leads to the municipality of Atillo.

This tour will take you to visit one of the most interesting corners of the Park. Ozogoche lagoons host one of the biggest mysteries of the protected area. Every year between September and October, hundreds of birds come to commit suicide plunging into Ozogoche's cold waters. This mysterious phenomenon makes the lagoon be considered as sacred and worthy of respect by the local indigenous communities who named it accordingly: Ozogoche that means "the one willing to ear meat" in Kechwa language. They consider this a good sign from the gods that feed the mother earth in order to provide a good harvest.

You will visit the area of the lake and surrounding countryside independently or with a local guide and come back to the guest house for a tasty local trout lunch.

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