Revash & Leymebamba sarcophagus

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Admire the millenary sarcophagus of the Chachapoyas

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Admire the millenary sarcophagus of the Chachapoyas

This tour will guide you to understand the Chachapoyas culture further through the visit of the Leimebamba museum and the Revash mausoleums. To explore the Mausoleums of Revash, there are two ways: you can either hike up the cliffs, which takes around 2 hours or take the same path by horse. During the walk or ride, you will be able to see several mausoleums built by the Chachapoyas, which are located on edges of the Revash cliff. From afar, they might look like little houses forming tiny villages but close up you will realize that they are sarcophagi carefully encrusted into the cliffs. Many mysteries remain about the Chachapoyas, such as their practice to hang what seemed to have been the most important people of the city so high up and the meaning of the symbols above them.

After the hike, you make your descent downwards (1.5 hours) to a vehicle which brings you towards Leimebamba. The town's museum displays 219 mummies and an archaeological collection from the Chachapoyas - a part of the Inca culture, recovered from the Lake of the Condors in 1997. The lake of the Condors was also used as a place of burial for this community. The museum will teach you more about how the lake was used by the Chachapoyas and subsequent Inca cultures. The museum garden is absolutely stunning as it is beautifully arranged with at least one hundred species of orchids.

Lunch will be served at a nearby restaurant before returning to your hotel.

This activity is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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