Horse-back riding and biking in the Andes

Tour/Activity , Ecuador

About this activity

Experience the Avenue of Volcanoes by horse & bike.

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Preparation of Horses and bikes

You start with a general introduction about horses, their natural behaviour and natural equestrianism, the method with which we train our horses. Afterwards you will get to know your horse and its personality, check the equipment and ride on the riding arena. This will give you more security and prepare you better for the ride.

Excursion through the Andean landscape by horse and bike

Your English/German speaking guide will guide the horse-riders as well as the bikers on horseback. The ride leads through small village streets, past fields and some haciendas. On this ride you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Avenue of the Volcanoes and get to know the local life of the Andes a little better.

Horse riding is the perfect way to admire the famous Andes landscape and volcanoes such as the Corazon or Illinizas. The tour is made for beginners or experienced riders. You can choose the level of difficulty of this tour.

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