Puerto Lopez- Night diving tour in "Los Ahorcados"

Tour/Activity in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

About this activity

Experience the incredible luminescent plankton in "Los Ahorcados" diving site

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Evening diving in "Los Ahorcados"

The confluence of the cold Humboldt current coming from the South and the warm El NiƱo current coming from the North, give the Ecuadorian coast an incredible diversity of marine wildlife and thus, amazing diving opportunities!

This diving tour includes 2 immersions around the islet of "Los Ahorcados", a rock formation with three tips. This special shape makes it an ideal place for several species of birds and marine fauna to find food. During the day you can see migratory birds, and large coral reefs that host colorful fish and various marine species.

With this tour, you will go there in the evening when it gets dark enough to see the incredible luminescent plankton.

Dive Levels: Intermediate / Professional

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