Galapagos Islands Santa Cruz: Pikaia Lodge (5)

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

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A new step in the evolution of luxury eco-adventure in the Galapagos Island.

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Day 1

Arrival at Hotel

Arrival at Pikaia Lodge

Day 2

North Seymour Island

Morning: North Seymour is a small flat Island and is located north of Baltra. Interesting Flora & Fauna: Abundant birdlife, Hordes of sea lions, Hammerhead sharks, Marine turtles, Land and marine iguanas, Colony of frigate bird, Blue footed Boobies, Palo Santo (Holy Wood) forest

Las Bachas Beach

Afternoon: Las Bachas is located in northern part of Santa Cruz Island. Interesting Flora & Fauna: Walk along white sand beaches separated by outcrop of lava rocks, Blackish lava water lagoons, Pacific green sea turtles, Flamingos, Lava gulls, Sally light foot crabs, Small sharks, Optional swim and snorkel.

Day 3

Santa Cruz Island

Each morning activities are planned according to weather conditions and tide charts. Guest will join groups of maximum 16 people for the land tours, and two or three activities will be chosen: Los Gemelos Sinkholes & Scalesia Forest, Giant tortoises farm in Rancho Chato II, Volcanic craters and giant tortoises at Cerro Mesa, Lava tunnels, Tortuga Bay Beach, Charles Darwin Scientific Research Center, Garrapatero Beach.

Day 4

Bartolomé Island

Morning: Bartolomé is located two hours north of Santa Cruz and from the east of the Sullivan Bay. Interesting flora & fauna: 300+ stairs to the summit of Bartolomé Island, Breath-taking panoramic views of Pinnacle Rock with Santiago Island behind, Pink and white sand beaches, Beautiful snorkeling, Galapagos penguins, White tip and Galapagos Sharks, Rays, Hordes of Sea Lions, Variety of tropical Fish, Green sea turtles, Lava Herons, Sally light-foot Crabs, Galapagos Hawks, Lava Cacti

Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island

Afternoon: Sullivan Bay is located southeast of Santiago Island. Interesting flora & fauna: Pahoehoe lava flow forms, Hornitos and driblet cones, Lava cactus, mollugos an other pioneering plants on these grounds.

Day 5


Transport to Baltra Island Airport and check-in for return flight to Guayaquil or Quito, assisted by Pikaia Lodge representatives.

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