Guayaquil - City tour at night (3h)

Tour/Activity in Guayaquil, Ecuador

About this activity

Discover coastal Guayaquil in the sea of lights.

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City Tour by Night

This is a very entertaining panorma night tour of Guayaquil. You will visit the most beautiful areas and buildings of Guayaquil. Your first stop is the viewpoint "Las Peñas". From here you can see the northern and central parts of the city spread out like a sea of lights in front of you. Then it goes along the boulevard of the 9th of October, passing the "El Malecón 2000" and past many historical plazas and monuments. During the tour your guide will give you an explanation of the emblematic and historical places of Guayaquil. Not in vain is Guayaquil also called "La Perla del Pacífico" (Pearl of the Pacific). You will be picked up directly at your hotel and after your knowledgeable guide has shown you the treasures of this great city, you will also be returned to your hotel.

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