Day Group Walking Tour in Cajas National Park

Tour/Activity in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Explore the amazing Cajas National Park

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Visit Cajas national park

Cajas is a national park located on the northwester side of the city of Cuenca; it’s formed by wetland from glacial origins with more than 200 lakes. Your visit will start on the lower part of the park called the area “Llaviuco” only 30 minutes away from the city of Cuenca. You will hike at an easy rate for one hour at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level (9,842ft). You will continue your visit until you get to a point called “tres cruces” which forms the Continental divide between the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean at an altitude of 4,135m (13,566ft), you will have a short walk to observe this interesting area, then you will descend and will perform your main hike at an altitude of 3,900m (12,795ft) for approximately three hours. The difficulty at this point is moderate. On the trail you will visit a beautiful primary forest and will observe the interesting vegetation. After this you will have lunch and return to Cuenca.

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