Full Day Tour: Uros and Taquile

Tour/Activity in Lake Titicaca - Puno, Peru

About this activity

Excursion on the Titicaca Lake to the floating islands of Uros and Taquile

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Floating Islands of Uros and Taquile

Experience Lake Titicaca, the second largest lake in South America and one of the highest navigable lakes in the world. Your motorboat will take you to the floating reed islands of the Uros. These are artificial, totora-braided islands that float on the water thanks to the light yet sturdy material that makes up the habitat of Uros culture. The Uros constructed the islands as they were increasingly besieged by the people of Aymara and live there until today. The excursion gives you an insight into the way of life of this tribe.

Then you will continue by boat to the island of Taquile, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Titicaca after a 30 - 45 minute ascent to the center of the village. There you will find that not only the local women making beautiful weaves, but also the men who produce the finest knitwear. After a short hike across the island, you will return to Puno by boat.

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