Full Day Tour: Maras and Moray

Tour/Activity in Cusco, Peru

About this activity

Visit the Maras salt mines and the Inca ruins of Moray

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Maras Salt Mines and the Inca ruins of Moray

This tour takes you to the salt mines of Maras. This is a complex of hundreds of small pools set up on terraces, where very saline water from a nearby spring is collected. The mines here are used since the time of the Incas for salt production. The first salt layer is for human consumption, the second is for therapeutic purposes and the third for animals. Each basin produces around 60 kg of salt per month and is harvested once a month.

Moray is a stunning place of a very different kind. Four natural indentations of the landscape were used by the Incas to create terraces, which served as a botanical laboratory because of their different microclimates. As a result, the Inca were able to cultivate a wide variety of plants in a confined space, which are usually native to very different climatic zones. The round terraces are still intact today. The temperature difference within the terraces is up to 3 degrees.

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