Galapagos Tour: Tortuga Bay Independent Excursion

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Take a leisurely stroll to the white sands of Tortuga Bay and the lagoons.

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Tortuga Bay

Galapagos PRO recommendation: This trip should not be missed in your Galapagos experience. Groups of 5 or more require the accompaniment of a nature guide when visiting the National Park.

Mockingbird songs fill the air and scurrying lava lizards cross the path to the sandy beach. On the shore, marine iguanas sun themselves along the peninsula of black lava. Blue-footed boobies rule the shoreline. At the end of the beach you will find a quiet bay where you can swim and even borrow a kayak to get closer to the big stingrays and sea turtles.

Opening hours Tortuga Bay: 6 am - 5 pm daily

Please note: You must register your visit with the park ranger at the entrance. It is not allowed to spend the night on the beach. Please don't forget to sign out at the end of your visit.

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