Galapagos Tour: Santa Fé

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Day tour by boat to the Island Santa Fé with the unique Santa Fé Iguanas

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

This expedition takes you to one of the oldest islands in the archipelago: Santa Fé. The small island is situated within sight of Puerto Ayora and is mainly known for its endemic species of land iguanas (Santa Fe iguana).

Upon arrival at the white sand beach you will be greeted by a large colony of sea lions. A trail leads you from the beach into a forest of prickly pears and Palo Santo trees. It is not rare to spot Galapagos hawks and even owls in the salt bushes. Even harmless snakes and the endemic rice rat can be discovered with a little luck while exploring the island. Arguably the most special, however, is the Santa Fé iguana. This species differs from its peers due to its significantly lighter color and distinct dorsal spines.

After going ashore you have the opportunity to swim in the turquoise bay or snorkel to meet sea turtles, vibrant tropical fish, and perhaps also the white tip reef sharks.

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