Galapagos Tour: Las Grietas, Salt Lagoon and Opuntia Valley

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Excursion to the Las Grietas Gorge via Playa de los Alemanes, a salt lagoon and a forest of Opuntia cactuses

Your Travel Experience with Galapagos PRO

Las Grietas Gorge

Galapagos PRO recommendation: This excursion should not be missing in your Galapagos experience. As part of the Galapagos Up program, a fee of USD 10 per person will be charged at the entrance for a mandatory naturalist guide.

Today, take a trip to Las Grietas. To get there, take a water taxi across the harbor to the opposite bay. From here you wander along a one kilometer long nature trail to Las Grietas gorge - passing the Playa de los Alemanes, a salt lagoon and an impressive Opuntia forest. You can walk down the wooden walkways and swim in the crystal-clear water. We recommend continuing on the nature trail to various viewpoints until you can enjoy a spectacular view of the open sea at the end of the gorge.

Galapagos PRO recommends taking a swim in the grotto during your time in this excursion. There is a maximum number of visitors allowed in the grotto at any given time, so we strongly recommend taking this excursion early or late in the day to avoid long queues for this beautiful experience! The grotto closes at 5pm.

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