Galapagos Tour: Bartolomé and Chinese Hat

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Visit the island Bartolomé, the landmark of the Galapagos Island with the Pinnacle Rock and snorkel at Chinese Hat islet

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Pinnacle Rock

Today's day trip takes a small group by boat to the island Bartolomé. You will find a fascinating, lunar-like volcanic landscape. At its center, the famous landmark of Galapagos: Pinnacle Rock. A climb to the highest point of the island offers a wonderful view of the landscape. Take a swim together with some of the penguins who play in the waters and on the shores of the bay here.

After lunch aboard your cruise boat, we take off to the island Santiago. With some luck, you will be accompanied by dolphins on your way. Here you can cool off at the landmark Chinese Hat Island, ideal for snorkeling with sea lions, sea turtles and white-tip reef sharks.

  • Depending on weather conditions, excursion may be taken in reverse order.
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