Galapagos Diving Tour: Guy Fawkes and Daphne

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

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Guy Fawkes and Daphne

The island of Guy Fawkes consists of two crescent islands and two smaller rocks off the northwest coast of Santa Cruz. For divers, the island is popular for the wonderful Zoanthids. There are many small colourful fish to been spotted hiding along the wall, and the red lipped bat fish inhabits the sandy bottom. The resident colony of friendly sea lions are known to show off their superior underwater acrobatics for anyone who will watch.

The journey to Daphne takes about 20 minutes by boat on the Itabaca canal. Daphne Minor is the smaller of the two rocks found there, and the larger rock is called Daphne Major. Together, they form the island Daphne. They are volcanic in origin, with Daphne Minor being older and more eroded. For conservation purposes, the National Park has prohibited all land entry to tourists, however diving in these beautiful waters is still possible. Eagle rays and manta rays are often spotted at this site.

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