Galapagos Diving Tour: Daphne & Mosquera

Tour/Activity in Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

About this activity

Experience the underwater world of the archipelago! For advanced and professional divers only.

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North Seymour, named after English nobleman, Lord Hugh Seymour, is a small island located north of Baltra. Travel time to North Seymour is about 30 minutes by boat from Santa Cruz's northern dock at the Itabaca Channel. North Seymour has an area of 1.9 square kilometers.

While diving at North Seymour, you will see a variety of marine life like hammerhead sharks, turtles, morays, manta rays, white tip reef sharks, and snappers.

This area is a favourite among locals and guests alike for the wide variety and great abundance of healthy wildlife to be found in the area. Here divers can explore a botanical underwater setting where garden eels peek out from the sandy bottom, bright and neon colored reef fish swim near the reefs, sardines shine against the sun light, and white tipped reef sharks rest among sea turtles. A beautiful setting where divers can expect constant wildlife surprises.

Located between the islands of Baltra and North Seymor, Mosquera is a rocky and coral reef. Due to the geological shifts, Mosquera is only 160 meters wide at its narrowest point. This island is home to one of the largest sea lion populations, as well as numerous shorebirds. According to some reports, orcas are said to feed on sea lions. Under normal conditions, there are no strong currents. The sandy bottom at a depth of about 10 meters, where eels and other marine life like to dwell, merges into a sandy-rocky area and is connected to the Seymour Canal. There you can find white tip reef sharks.

Dive Levels: Beginner / Intermediate / Professional

Requirements for diving in the Galapagos:

  • Diving license of an internationally recognized diving school (PADI, NAUI, CMAS, SSI etc.)
  • Application form, fully completed and signed
  • Medical certificate for health problems and for divers from the age of 55, who have not dived in the last 6 months
  • Licensed divers must be 13 years old and must not have reached the age of 70

IMPORTANT NOTES: The route may be changed by order of the Galapagos National Park without prior warning. Depending on visibility and flow conditions, only one of the two listed dive sites will be approached.

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